Cubio Virtual PBX

Cubio Virtual PBX

Cubio Virtual PBX

The Cubio Virtual PBX service is an easy and affordable way to connect your company’s personnel. It connects everyone in your company into one simple system, regardless of the solutions you may already have in use The service adapts easily to the needs of different kinds of users, it can be used anywhere, with all kinds of terminals, and can be taken into use very quickly.

A truly flexible switchboard

Because you can easily modify the switchboard, it keeps up with your growing organization.

Features to suit your business needs

Cubio’s service offers you all the essential functions of a traditional switchboard:

  • Abbreviated numbers for internal company calls (depending on the terminals used)
  • Number display for incoming calls
  • Different invitation and call transfer options
  • Subscription-specific call barring services as defined by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA)

Customize according to your needs

All users have access to an online service where they can manage their availability information and call transfers, direct their calls to different terminals, and listen to received voice messages either by phone or via the web interface.

The switchboard operator can open an online switchboard portal that lists all the company numbers with their availability information. In addition to basic switchboard functions, the operator can take incoming switchboard calls to any phone, log unanswered calls in a log file, and also send text messages.

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