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Our philosophy

Cubio was founded in 1999 and was the first service operator in Finland to start offering fixed-price mobile subscriptions. After that, fixed-price subscriptions quickly became common among other operators.

We still offer fixed-price subscriptions for our customers. We mainly offer pay-by-the-second subscriptions that adjusts pricing according to usage and  pool solutions for corporates because they are affordable for customers. Package subscriptions per user often are paid more than you should be when package are not used completely or then call over the package which is more expensive.

In pool solutions all company workers use same large package.Cubios services is economically priced – we offer comprehensive packages where none of the elements are expensive. This means no hidden surprises for customers.

Why should anyone choose a subscription because it’s a fraction of a cent cheaper, when a single international phone call could cost you a thousand times that initial reduction? It’s because we price our calls our own way that you don’t pay extra – some of  our competitors round the charge up to the nearest minute, where as we charge you by the second. They also charge a connection fee for every call, which we don’t. With Cubio you pay for what’s fair – the length of the phone call, to the very second.

Cubio differentiates itself from the three primary Finnish operators on a few important points. We do not own a network, which means we are able to maintain a light cost structure. We stand out from the crowd by the quality of our service, which we’re continually praised for. Find out for yourself!

We're on your side and we always think about our services from your perspective. Give us feedback if you feel something is wrong. Why settle for less when you can settle for the best?

Welcome to Cubio!