How can I get email on my phone?

To be able to use email, you need to have data service or Cubio DataPack activated to your subscription. In addition you need to have Cubio’s service settings in your phone device.

You need a service provider’s email application (for example hotmail, mtv3, luukku, etc.). From the service provider you’ll get the incoming mail server address, which is determined by your own email address. The type of incoming mail server will be either  POP3 or IMAP4.

Not all free email service providers support the POP3 or IMAP4 protocol, and therefore not all email services can be accessed from your phone.

The outgoing mail server address is mail.cubio.net

More specific instructions for the device can often be found in the phone’s user manual. Please note, that for many phone models the user guide can also be found on the internet in electronic format (Nokia, Apple etc.).


Cubio data service settings

1. Connection Name: Cubio Internet
2. Access Point Name/APN: internet.cubio.net
3. Leave User Name and Password fields empty
4. Proxy should be disabled (not set)
5. Leave Proxy Address empty
6. Leave Proxy Port empty
7. Homepage http://www.cubio.fi
8. Set Cubio Internet as your default/primary connection
9. Switch your phone device off and back on again before testing the service