How can I prevent my phone from using a foreign connection when I’m near the border?

If you wish, roaming barring* can be activated in your subscription, so your phone can‘t use foreign mobile phone networks. Specific talk, SMS, data and/or MMS services via foreign networks can be barred abroad if required. Roaming barring can be ordered from our customer service by phone +358 9 4247 5000 or by email asiakaspalvelu@cubio.com.

Settings/limitations on roaming usage can also be changed directly from the phone with most handsets. More specific instructions for the particular device can often be found in the phone’s user manual. Please note, that for many phone models the user guide can also be found on the internet in electronic format (Nokia, Apple, etc.).

* Roaming refers to the use of a foreign mobile network with a domestic mobile subscription. For example when you’re travelling abroad, your phone is operating on a Cubio partner network, as determined in the roaming-contract. The roaming-price list for Cubio’s subscriptions can be found on our network operator Elisa’s roaming information page.