About service invoices for April 2014

Dear friends!
As we have informed you already, due to the total control and take over of our operations by monopolistic carriers, your service invoices for April 2014 (and may be for earlier periods, if they were not paid in full for some reasons) will be sent to you by Estonian firm "General DataComm International Ou", which purchased our receivables. If someone is curious in financial terms - this operation is called Factoring...
More than likely you have already received by mail an invoice, similar to the one shown on the picture in the bottom. Please notice that it has no a reference number (viitenumero) which normally presents in all Finnish invoices. Many of our customers are confused and ask us if something was missed in the invoice. Please be assured that absence of the reference number (viitenumero) is absolutely correct in this case because it is used for internal Finnish payments only. For payments to Estonia it is not needed and your payment will be traced and matched to your account by invoice number and your account name. Do not worry, your payments will be matched accurately.
Thank you,
Your Cubio Mobile