Important notice for our customers

Dear Cubio Mobile customers!

As you are informed from various media sources Cubio Mobile, the oldest MVNO in Finland is restructuring the current business. In a long term perspective we decided to terminate the distribution of Elisa mobile subscriber contracts because of low profitability of the business and inability of our network enabler to change the existing business model. In a long term perspective our business will be focused on data center co-location services in Finland and Russia.
For all these years passed the quality of our customers service was number one priority. We should apologize for the wrong information which was earlier published in the media about mobile services termination effective 23.04.2014. We should inform you that this information was not correct and all mobile services are currently being provided in a normal mode. Being a tiny Finnish MVNO we always have been living under threat of service termination from our network enabler because we were fully dependant on its monopoly on services, tariffs and rules. We just humbly wanted to make life of our subscribers better and more convenient. Unfortunately we failed, monopoly on services is back, sorry.
At the moment Cubio Mobile is negotiating with Elisa about seamless transfer of our customer contracts. The top priority in this process is to provide a non-stop mobile services for our customers during the transfer and after and to keep all existing tariff plans in use. This is a complex and complicated process, but we do our best to protect our customers. We kindly asked Elisa to cooperate in sake of our customers interests, and we hope that our enabler has got enough courage and social wisdom not to terminate the mobile services before the transfer of customer contracts is finished. We will keep you informed on the further news as they unfold. Stay with us!

Thank you,

Cubio Mobile